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The Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians

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They are an Ojibway Tribe who originally lived in the Alberta and Montana region before forcing their way east to fight the white invaders. A group of Ojibway People in the Kansas and Oklahoma region, were first to force their way northeast. That probably happened in the early 16th century. A decade or decades later, the Assiniboine commenced to force their way east. They eventually settled along the St. Lawrence River. Before they settled that region a non Algonquian People lived there. They were either subjugated or forced to leave that region. If they formed alliances with the white invaders they were eliminated. Today, these Ojibway People known as the Assiniboine, are the Seneca People of New York or the Iroquois. Their Ojibway name is Assinica. It's different than Assiniboine yet both have close similarities. The correct pronunciation in Ojibway is Assini-bwan. It means Stoney Ojibwa's. The "bwa" in Ojibwa is short for Ojibwa which means Original in Ojibway. It derives from the Ojibway word for before which is "chib-wa." When adding the Ojibway "n" plural it becomes "bwan." Thus, Assini-bwan or Stoney Ojibwa's. They are more numerous out west in Alberta, Montana and Saskatchewan.