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According to a website about Algonquian Tribes or The Center For Algonquin Culture, the Blackfeet are listed as being Cree. That would mean they are Ojibway. We know the Cree are Ojibway and spoke Ojibway. According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, two groups of Ojibway's migrated east. One group came up from the southwest, while the other followed in a northern parallel line. They were named Iroquois. They settled along the St. Lawrence River. However, we know the Ojibway's forced the Iroquois out of the St. Lawrence River region which means the Iroquois are Ojibway. William W. Warren wrote in his book, that Ojibway Soldiers forced their way north to Hudson Bay around 1530. According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, the Lenni Lenape (don't be confused by the name because it's a ruse) sent detachments of their soldiers north to Hudson Bay and Beaufort Sea and gave rise to the Cree and Athabascan Tribes. In Ojibway they have two words for man, as they do in English. In Ojibway, they are "nini" and "nabe." Notice the similarities between "lenni and lenape" with nini and nabe? In Ojibway "nini" means man and "nabe" means male. So you now know Lenni Lenape is a ruse because it means man and male.

On October 17, 1855 Blackfeet Reservation was created. In the 1870s, the northern part of the Reservation was ceded. However, Ojibway leaders did not cede the southern part of Blackfeet Reservation, south of Sun River and west of Musselshell River. In fact, they were yet living in the southern part of Blackfeet Reservation well into the early 20th century. In 1895-1896, the United States forcefully rounded up 1,000s of Ojibway's and other tribes living in the southern part of Blackfeet Reservation, especially in the Great Falls, Montana region and Relocated them. However, many returned to their native land. In Montana, they lived between Missoula and Great Falls and Anaconda and Butte and also near Virginia City. They also lived in northern Idaho. They had many villages located in their Reservation. Chief Rocky Boy became their leader in 1902. He never surrendered nor signed treaty ceding our Reservation.