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They are an Ojibway People wrongfully classified as non Ojibway. They originally lived in Montana before commencing to force their way east in the 16th century to fight the white invaders. They were among the Ojibway's from the Alberta and Montana region who settled along the St. Lawence River in the 16th century. Later, they followed Seven Fires Prophecy and migrated back west as told to do in Seven Fires Prophecy. They lived in Manitoba, Minnesota and North Dakota before settling in eastern Montana. The Hidatsa of North Dakota are Crow. These people are not to be trusted. Whites can trust them yet Indians can't. There are two groups of Crow Indians. One is known as the River Crow. They settled within Blackfeet Reservation. The other are the Mountain Crow. Ojibway leader chief Day Child, contacted chief Rocky Boy in either 1900 or 1901 for help. The United States illegally forced the Ojibway's of Crow Reservation to cede the northern portion of their Reservation in 1898-1899. The United States ratified the illegal agreement in 1904. Chief Rocky Boy led 100s of Ojibway's off the illegally ceded northern portion of Crow Reservation in either 1900 or 1901. Thy settled in that part of Blackfeet Reservation in southwestern Montana.