Nez Perce

The Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians

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They are in fact Ojibway. According to a website about Algonquian Tribes or The Center For Algonquin Culture, the Nez Perce People are listed as being Ojibway. They are listed as being the Amicwa Ojibways who were also named Nez Pierce by the French in the 17th century. They followed prophecy and migrated west during and after the Beaver Wars which are named after them. Amic in Ojibway means beaver. Other Ojibway's named them the Beaver Nation or Beaver Totem. Out west, besides being known as Nez Perce, they are also known as the Beaver Tribe, Chipewyan, Kaska, Sarcee (Tsuu T'ina), Sekani and Slavey. They are the Athabascan People that derived from the Ojibway's who were sent north and northwest from east of Lake Superior, according to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia.